Over a hundred years ago in Lincolnton,
it was late one halloween evening when
Denise Propst walked up to the old ram
shackled gristmill to see why her
husband did not come home for dinner,
stepping in through the door Denise was
horrified to find the disemboweled
corpse of her husband laying in a heap
by the back door, as she turned she saw
the floor strewn with the bodies of his
fallen co workers all mangled and
broken.  Denise was never the same
after that day and they had to close the
old grist mill because no one would go
near it. For after all when 25 people
were murdered in that place there’s a
pretty good chance it is haunted.  But
they have opened up the old grist mill for
the  anniversary for the tragedy of that
day. So come to Terror by the Creek, if
you dare.
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terror by the creek was also known as Howards creek haunted mill when we first opened. We decided to change our name so we were not confused with the haunted mill in belmont.  We are located close to the Haunted Pyramids, Terror by the
Tracks, Nightmare on independance in charlotte.  Terror by the Creek is one of the scariest haunted houses in the Charlotte, NC area.  We have been found through searches in the internet using the following words, Morganton nc haunted house,
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